Ocbc telegraphic transfer charges

ocbc telegraphic transfer charges

View step by step guide to add new payee via ocbc internet banking. Alternatively, you can follow these steps below to add a new payee or beneficiary, login to www.

Crediting to rm current and savings account payments received before 5. 00pm will be processed and credited to customers account within the same business day.

  ocbc is among singapores top 3 banks and is well-connected to the global banking network. Things might get a bit complicated when you try working out how much itll cost you to transfer money overseas the act itself has three different names in ocbc alone outward remittance, telegraphic transfer, and overseas fund transfer.

Same as fees for telegraphic transfers to non-ocbc accounts telegraphic transfer to accounts within ocbc group9 (for over-the-counter transactions only) s20 waived waived cable charge agent fee (if applicable) fixed fee based on remitting currency8 cable charge s20 agent fee (if applicable) fixed fee based on remitting currency7.

To transfer us dollars to your ocbc bank account in singapore, please advise your remitter or the remitting bank to pay as follows beneficiary bank oversea-chinese banking corporation limited singapore swift code ocbcsgsg intermediary bank jp morgan chase bank, new york new york, usa swift code chasus33.

Cheque charges cheque ocbc ocbc premier atm card replacement loststolen card s5 per card waived (maximum 2 requests per annum) reissuance of pin s5 per card waived damaged card free atm charges shared atm 30 cents charge from third withdrawal onwards per calendar month ocbc wing hang ebanking services sgd sgd 5.

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ocbc telegraphic transfer charges

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